ISM-Chicago Director

Brandon Hummons

Hummons Consulting


Brandon Hummons is a recognized authority in the procurement sector, currently spearheading IT procurement initiatives at Tropicana Brands Group. With a foundational background in economics from Denison University, Brandon has built a career marked by strategic leadership and innovative practices in procurement and supply chain management.

As the founder of Hummons Consulting, Brandon has dedicated himself to elevating the procurement profession. His firm specializes in coaching and training procurement teams, instilling best practices and advanced strategies in supplier diversity, risk management, and sustainable procurement. Brandon's expertise is not just in leading teams but also in shaping the future of procurement through education and thought leadership.

Brandon's career, underscored by his role at Tropicana and his entrepreneurial venture with Hummons Consulting, reflects a deep commitment to the procurement community. His approach combines practical experience with a strategic vision, making him a sought-after expert and mentor in the field.