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Geopolitics Takes a Central Role in Supply Chains


Companies fortify supply chains against geopolitical risks.


Geopolitical issues, such as increased Western tariffs, import restrictions and Houthi attacks on ships, have forced thousands of companies to seek alternative supply chains to source materials from more expensive but less risky locations and move away from relying on single countries or regions for sourcing.  The situation is particularly complicated for larger firms managing new regulations and large number of suppliers, says Evan Smith, CEO of supply chain technology Altanta AI.  


Full Story:  Wall Street Journal (5/3)  

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Germany's struggle to clean up its supply chains has lessons for Europe


A new European law is causing headaches for German manufacturer BAUCH.  The law requires the company to verify responsible practices throughout its global supply chain, something CEO Bauch says is incredibly challenging and could disrupt their entire operations.    


Full story: Reuters (4/30)  

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'Purple People' and the evolution of supply chain talent


AI's emergence and evolution is reshaping supply chain management.  By embracing interdisciplinary approaches, aligning talent with technology, and acknowledging the benefits and ...  

Full story: Supply Chain Management Review (5/17)

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