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Retailers Turning to Specific-Day Delivery Over Speediest Shipping



Competition on superfast delivery shifts into low gear as companies try to rein in fulfillment costs that are eating into their profits.

Retailers have change focus from speed to customer, to a promise to customer on a specific-date.  Consumers are more cost-conscious as they head into the holiday season.  Read the story and see if you are in the same camp as other retailers addressing the last mile. 

Marc Gorlin has a quote, in the story, that we all should learn from in today's logistics.   

Full Story:  Wall Street Journal (11/09).   

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Why It's Essential For CEOs To Believe When Others Are Drowning In Doubt



When others feel discouraged or disappointed, our willingness to believe for them changes everything.

"To be a leader, you walk with others--occasionally in front, sometimes behind, and always by their side," Burnison writes. 

Inspiration comes in all forms, and leaders need to adapt and provide guidance.  Follow the story, as life lessons can be used to support your people during these challenging times.

Full story: Chief Executive (11/07)  

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Procurement Under Pressure



New study shows companies identify inflation (88%) as well as supply chain disruptions and shortages (82%) as top factors pressuring procurement.

The article shares findings from the recent study Ivalua - "Procurement Under Pressure: Procurement Bends and Adapts - Will it Break?"  One specific finding from the article found that Global Supply Chains may take to 2024 to fully recover. 

Full story: Material Handling and Logistics (10/31)

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