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The US National Defense Supply Chain is in Crisis



The military and its partners have become too dependent on foreign-made parts, materials and minerals.  As we emerge out of the pandemic, the US government in 2015, identified issues they should take to reduce dependence and found - "...90% of the issues have taken place." 

Like industry, the government has experience similar constraints with labor and suppliers.  We need to rethink how we look at the future of all supply chains to be diverse, robust, and secure.  Dependence on one source or country for parts, materials and minerals should change.

Full Story:  Industry Week (8/3).   

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How people development makes a company more competitive



Competing for talent.  The author compares Michael Porter's differentation strategy, to 5 new ways of attracting and retaining talent.

Prepare your organization for tomorrow's "People Development Exemplars".  Rethink engagement of you talent.

Full story: Smart Brief (8/05)  

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Don't Screw Down Suppliers if you Want to Save Supply



Building Trusting Relationships is the beginning to tomorrow.  We need to reevaluate our relationships from supplier to customer.  Kate shares her lessons to getting to "... encourage mutual relationship...".

Now is the time to stop reacting and getting more strategic.  Purchasing and Supply professionals need to position our supply base, like our customers.  Everyone needs to have a seat at the table, to grow in tomorrow's environment.

Full story: Procurious (6/20)

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