Community Connection

Our goal is to connect, share, and grow within and outward as a profession.  Connect is to build community, expand networks, and engagement with members, companies and community through face-to-face and virtual online connections.  Share is to capture and share expanded content of knowledge and thought leadership through leadership, education, credentialing, and personal/professional development.  Grow as an organization and help its members prosper and shape the perception of the profession. 


The Adventure Starts Here...

As a professional or an organization, are you prepared for the world stage?  Connect with fellow procurement and supply professionals in expanding your capabilities, experiences, and knowledge.  We have networking and programs for the Emerging Professional, to a roundtable for the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO).  Share and grow with us.  

Connect With ISM


Make and impact on your profession. ISM—Chicago welcomes one to volunteer their individual time to work on a committee, to building/sharing leadership skills within your profession.

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Looking or hiring, start here.

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Awards & Recognitions

Chapter recognizes Business, Community, and Member;  achievement and growth in the profession and industry.

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