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The ISM Chicago Business Survey, is a regional view of the national economy; is a time-tested, market-moving report.  The Chicago Report is available to subscribers on the last working day each month.   The Chicago Business Barometer summarizes  current Business Activity.  The Barometer is considered to be a leading indicator of the U.S.A. economy.

For more than seven decades, the Chicago Business Barometer has been providing leading insight on the U.S. economy.  The Chicago Business Barometer is delivered to subscribers via the MNI Chicago Report, a monthly report published by MNI Indicators that presents valuable information on the U.S. economic activity and a fresh look at current U.S. business conditions.  The report consists of seven Business Activity indicators and three Buying Policy indicators that represent activity and preformance levels compared to the prior month.

Purchasing and Supply Management professionals in the Chicago area, primarily members of ISM Chicago, are polled to assess business conditions for their respective companies every month.

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Periodically, ISM Chicago may invite our members and community to participate in additional research. 



May - Chicago Business Barometer

The Chicago Business Barometer slowed 2.5 points to 35.4  in May.  This is the sixth consecutive monthly decline, making this month's reading the lowest levels since May 2020.  

Three out of five subcomponents fell.  With the move driven lower by falls in New Orders, Order Backlogs, and to lesser extent Employment,  whilst Production and Supplier Deliveries offset some of this differentiation.

New Orders were tempered for the third consecutive month and Order Backlogs dropped 8.0 points, reversing last month's gain.

May special question asked: "With the uncertainty and instability of supply chains, did recent events have an impact on your business?"  Top two responses were 30% saying Yes to various degrees, along with majority  at 67% saying no impact.  


Released May 31, 2024.


Press Release


Digital Transformation in Supply Chain Management: Leveraging Technology for Efficiency and Resilience  


Leveraging advanced technologies can optimize operations, improve decision-making and fortify supply chains against disruptions. 


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Exploring Legal Tech in AI


Key Quote - "Just make sure a human checks the work."

AI in legal tech gives legal teams across the globe the ability to automate tedious tasks like research, writing, and reviewing documents. 

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Special Question - April

A special question in May asked: With the uncertainty and instability of supply chains, did recent events have an impact on your business?

See breakout of responses in graph.